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Commercial & Industrial 
Where Your Security Matters


  BLADELOCK DOOR The Newest Technology in Security Doors

Specifically Designed and Built

For Commercial & Industrial

Internal & External Applications

Capable of protecting staff, customers and assets

   Ideal in these Retail, Commercial & Industrial Environments 
  • Education & Health Care

  • Energy & Petrochemical

  • Water Waste Water

  • Wholesale & Retail Trade

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Real estate

  • Hospitality

  • Government

  • Arts & Entertainment 

  • Heritage Buildings

BLD Suggested Laboratory or Health CenterApplication.jpg
BLD Suggested Control Room Application.png
BLD Suggested Mechanical Room Application
BLD Real Estate Show Home Installed
Historical Building Installed BLADELOCK DOOR
BLD Suggested Institution Door Application.jpg
BLD Suggested Interior Office_Apartment Application.jpg
BLD Suggested School Application.jpg
BLD Suggest Corporate Office Application.jpg


The BLADELOCK DOOR come standard with an encrypted remote control and 2 key fobs. 

The key fob is brand specific (off the shelf key fobs will not work) it is also your master key for the door.  

The control panel is compatible with any 2-wire system.


Additional audio notifications are also available, these notifications let you know via audio feedback when the door is locked or unlocked. Please contact our team for additional information if you are require more information for the Audio options. 

The BLADELOCK Door control module will work with any 2-wire entry system which will need to be purchased and installed independently.

More complex systems will require installation by a speciality engineer.

Professional Service

Our team of experts discuss your project objective and requirements and create solutions that work for you.  

Custom Door Design 

Working closely with your architect and engineering team, our team will design and manufacture products to your exact specification.  

Custom Entry

  • A single-point of contact to manage your entire account and ensure your project is delivered on time.


  • Free Quoations


  • Access to our technical team for engineering consultation.

It is important to us that our customers security door needs are correctly specified for their intended purpose so they have years of trouble free access.  

If you already have plans, tender documents or specifications and are looking for a comparison quote, we will be happy to review them and provide you with a better, safer alternative for your project.

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